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Babar Ahmad is a British citizen who has been detained without trial in the UK for almost 8 years facing extradition to the US for offences allegedly committed in the UK. All the evidence against him was collected in the UK with most of it being sent to the US before the Crown Prosecution Service could decide whether to prosecute him in the UK or not, a fact only admitted by the CPS in November 2011. It is only right that Babar be tried in the UK and not extradited to the US.

Please write to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, to demand that Babar Ahmad be immediately put on trial in the UK. Copies will also be sent to the Attorney General and the Home Secretary.

We encourage supporters to prepare their own letters using the above points. A sample letter is below for your convenience but a personalised letter always carries more weight.

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25-June-2012: Halt Extraditions to the US demo, 23 June

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by Aisha Maniar



Several hundred people joined a demonstration outside Downing Street on Saturday afternoon calling for an end to the extradition of British citizens to the United States under the one-sided Extradition Act 2003.



Bruce Kent, Pax Christi

Sheikh Suleiman Gani

Keith Sonnet, UNISON

John McDonnell MP






Louise Christian

Massoud Shadjareh, Islamic Human Rights Commission

Murad Qureshi, London Assembly Member


Farooq Murad, Muslim Council of Britain

Dr Daud Abdullah, British Muslim Initiative

Lindsey German, Stop The War Coalition

Father Joe Ryan, Westminster Justice and Peace Commission

Fr Joe Ryan with Victoria Brittain

Jeremy Corbyn MP


Several hundred people joined a demonstration outside Downing Street on the afternoon of Saturday 23 June calling for an end to the extradition of British citizens to the United States under the one-sided Extradition Act 2003. Supporters of Babar Ahmad, Richard O'Dwyer, Talha Ahsan, Gary McKinnon and their families came together to stop these extraditions to the US, where prisoner conditions are not compatible with human rights standards on this side of the Atlantic, and in many cases are tantamount to torture (extended solitary confinement, supermax prisons, etc.) and for the men to be tried in the UK if there is sufficient valid evidence for prosecutions to be brought against them.

Several of the men involved have been fighting extradition for many years now and in the case of Babar Ahmad, Talha Ahsan and others, are being held in prison without charge pending the outcome of their appeals. Speakers included Brent Kent, MPs John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn, solicitor Louise Christian, David Bermingham of the Natwest 3 who was extradited under this same law, Daud Abdullah from the British Muslim Initiative and family members. A message of support from Caroline Lucas MP was read out. Speakers called for the Extradition Act2003  to be scrapped and for allegations against British citizens to be tried in Britain. Many criticised the severity of both the American "justice" and prison systems. Particular criticism was made of some members of the current government, including Prime Minister David Cameron, who had spoken out strongly against the Act when they were in opposition but are now the architects of any extraditions of these men and other British citizens.

A letter was handed in by family members and a delegation following the demonstration. A parliamentary meeting on this issue was held on Wednesday 20 June.

Just yesterday, Wikileaks founder Jimmy Wales started a petition in support of Richard O'Dwyer, which you can sign here: http://www.change.org/petitions/ukhomeoffice-stop-the-extradition-of-richard-o-dwyer-to-the-usa-saverichard

And Jimmy Wale's reasons for it:http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/jun/24/richard-o-dwyer-my-petition

A film tour on the extradition of Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan kicked off on Friday 22 and is currently travelling around the country in June and July:https://www.facebook.com/ExtraditionFilm During the film tour, the organisers are asking people to send the letter attachments below to Keir Starmer, Theresa May and Dominic Grieve concerning the extradition of Talha Ahsan.

Find out more about their cases:





©  Aisha Maniar


Attached Files

Report Letter to Keir Starmer re. Talha Ahsan

Report Letter to Theresa May re. Talha Ahsan

Report Letter to Dominic Grieve re. Talha Ahsan


Link_go Janis Sharp (Gary McKinnon's mother) and Said Ahsan (Talha Ahsan's father) speak

Link_go Julia O'Dwyer (Richard O'Dwyer's mother) and Ashfaq Ahmad (Babar Ahmad's father) speak

Link_go David Bermingham of the Natwest 3 speaks

SOURCE: Indymedia.org


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